Not Just a Travel Agent

Your holiday tailor-made for you by a travel expert

Let me plan and book your holiday

Why book your holiday with me? 

1. I’ll save you time and stress.
How many websites and how much time will you spend searching for your dream holiday?

2. I’ll have your back if you need it.
Cancelled flights, lost luggage, wild fires… hopefully your holiday will be trouble free but if not you have my WhatsApp if you need me!

3. Like any professional, I know holidays best…
And if I haven’t been where you want to go I have a team of experts who probably have!I”ll share the insider knowledge.

4. My passion for travel means I have ideas to inspire you
I can suggest holidays you may never thought of…an exciting new all-inclusive hotel, a dog-friendly cottage, a fun-filled off-grid adventure… 

5. Access to offers…
My home-based business is part of Not Just Travel (ABTA bonded!) and has access to over 450 travel suppliers and 46 key trade partners who offer exclusive deals. I’ll make sure you’ll get value for money. I post HOLIDAY DEALS ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE notjustravelwithsamlewis

6. Group bookings.
Want to fly from different airports and arrive at a similar time in a destination where you all want different types of rooms? No sweat.

7. Protect the planet.
If you want to feel better about going away I can tell you how to contribute or recommend sustainable hotels and operators.

8. Your holiday matters.
If you’re not satisfied, you won’t come back, I won’t get referrals and I won’t enjoy seeing people enjoying their dream holidays and have the satisfaction that I helped plan it!


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