Does the swimsuit season cause you to break out in a hot sweat? Follow this 8-week beach body countdown and you will be buffed and bronzed in no time.


Smooth skin: Want to blitz unsightly pockets of cellulite? Cut out caffeine and adopt a vigorous body brushing regime to stimulate the lymphatic system, improve circulation and remove dead skin cells. If you’ve cash to splash, follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian and book weekly sessions of VelaShape II (around £100), a body contouring and cellulite treatment which combines infrared light, radio frequency and vacuum massage ego boost circulation and improve skin tone.


Cut & blow-dry: A good trim will eliminates split ends and encourage healthy hair growth.

Elbow grease: Dry, rough skin can make your elbows appear cracked, scaly and dirty. Put a little bit of elbow grease into exfoliating and moisturising them now and you’ll have them looking smooth and silkily in a few weeks time.


Draw the line: Ditch the eyebrow pencil and try semi-permanent make-up that won’t run, smudge or wipe off in the sun. Make-up artist Tracie Giles will map out your perfect brow, recommend the perfect shade, then use a fine needle to tattoo individual hairs.

Published in The Sun, June 2014

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